One dream that I have personally had for a while now is getting back into playing and performing music again.  It has been a long while since I played with a band or wrote a complete song, besides some minor doodling on a riff.  Life gets in the way.  This is why I am even more impressed with my latest find Madness Of The Night.

It has been over ten years since Daniel Lillman was creating goth music with his last band Soulgrinder but currently, with the motivating force of his now wife Abir, he is back in action crafting modern dark goth songs with her providing the vocals to make these songs stand out.  The Swedish duo claims to make music for all people bringing forth a message of tolerance and diversity.  This is music for the everyman to provide them with strength to fight the evils that exist in government, racism, and oppression.  Madness Of The Night has been gaining some attention with such honors as Song Of the Day on Swedish national radio P4, and being featured on ReverbNation.

The group has been inspired to put even more hard work in and have plans to release a full album on Massacre Records early in 2013.  We were able to get a preview of some Madness Of The Night music and see some promising things in the works.  The powerful ‘Voice Of The People’ is a hard rock track with a driving guitar beat that is driven forward by Abir’s screeching vocals.  The track grabs the listener right from the first verse and refuses to let go until the music has pummeled its way into your brain with the closing screamed lyrics “What do you want!”  In the slowed down darker track ‘Oppression’ Abir is really able to show off her opera quality soprano voice.  It soars over a trancelike soundscape featuring an assortment of instruments until it breaks down to a simple piano melody to relax your mind.  ‘State Of Madness’ is potent track with traces of punk rock and metal.  These are songs to grab your attention and prove a point.  But as Madness Of the Night says “There is no inspiration to our music but only the Madness inside of us.”

We look forward to hearing more.  To get your taste go to:

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