We all know that there is an uncountable amount of musical genres within the current music scene.  Sometimes the basics are forgotten as new artists try to invent something new and revolutionary.  The great genres however have stood the test of time and will be around forever.  When a band comes along and realizes how to combine these successful styles of the past with a modern twist, we may be ready for another breakthrough.  We have found a band that is making strides towards this.  Welcome RoboDrum to the Indie Band Guru playlist.

The group is an interesting combination of personalities, influences, and musical styles all blended into one.  RoboDrum claims to be new rock for grownups.  Members hail from Memphis to Miami and have brought each cities impact with them.  The RoboDrum lineup consists of Dusty- Guitars, vocals, and drum programming; Maddi- Lead Vocals, keyboard & looking cute, and D.C.- Rapper & Bass keys.  Like I mentioned, it is quite an eclectic lineup but somehow they make it work.  And they are getting noticed, playing high profile gigs at Beale Street in Memphis, the Atlanta Pride Fest, and The XY Fest in Miami.

Released just this month is their first record on the Melodic Revolution Record label entitled Big Bad Wolf.  The full 18 track album with over an hour of music pulls no punches and features all the different directions that RoboDrum is capable of exploring.  The title track ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is a throwback funky blues jam that will immediately put the listener in the mood to shake his/her ass.  ‘Fresh Cut’ is a song that explores everything from D.C.’s pristine rap flow, to electronic blips and bleeps, to impressive guitar work reminiscent of a classic rock time.  Maddi’s sultry background vocals add to the dynamic of the track as well.  There are some innovative and interesting takes on classic songs by Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight) and Modern English (Melt With You) that stay true to the original while adding a modern spin that only RoboDrum is capable of doing.

Robodrum has released a complete record here with Big Bad Wolf that manages to combine a wide array of influences into one clean and funky little package.  Get yourself a taste at:



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