Writing music can be a serious art, but sometimes musicians can be much more successful having fun with it and not taking it too serious.  This is when true creativity flows.  No forced verses, just music rolling off the brain in a natural way.  The pure beauty of this has created entertaining music for years.  We recently discovered a musician who is unafraid to write exuberant music and it has come off very well.  Welcome to Serapicos’ world.

Indie singer-songwriter Gabriel Serapicos is the man behind the band that uses his last name as their moniker.  Although based in São Paulo, Brazil and a native Portuguese speaker, he finds more creativity writing in the English language.  Maybe to him the separation lets him make his songs more amusing, but whatever it is, it works.  His music has an indie/punk mish mosh feel, with imaginative arrangements and surprising stylistic references played with an unbridled charm.  It is tough to pick a comparative band but there are touches of Cake. Weezer, and Franz Ferdinand here mixed with the dry vocal style of old Pavement.

The recently released Serapicos Is A Town is a 15 track beast of an album that touches on all of Gabriel’s influences.  This is a very witty record showing of some amazing songwriting talent while remaining fun and enjoyable to listen to.  Songs like ‘The Egg Song’ climb into your head quickly and will have you humming before you even realize it.  The track opens with a quick punk beat flavored with a piano riff that keeps the song a bowl of merriment. I challenge you to listen to this song and not start bopping your head up and down.  The haunting title track ‘Serapicos Is A Town’ shows the depth of Gabriel’s songwriting.  The simple guitar and vocals are helped along by some atmospheric background.  It is a warm song that feels like Gabriel is singing to only you around a campfire.  Like I mentioned, there are some extremely fun songs here like the gypsy influenced ‘Artists Are Crazy’ and the track ‘Blow Me’ that I will force you to go discover for yourself.

Serapicos is an amazing songwriter to keep a look out for if you love the joy of fun music.  To hear for yourself go to:



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