Another week is coming to a close in the waning hours of a Sunday evening.  It’s time to sit back and enjoy some down time with a relaxing soundtrack.  One of my guilty pleasures during these opportunities is to find a female singer/songwriter with a sweet voice over some acoustic guitar.  This week’s find was the impressive Kiran Ferrandino.

The Virginia based songstress brings gutsy vocals to the table with her songwriting talents.  Kiran has made a name for herself and quite a following with her open heart writing on her personal blog  Whether it be her prose writing or her song writing, she lays it all out there for the reader/listener to experience.  There is abundant emotion which welcomes you into her music and her mind.

Kiran has now hooked up with veteran producer Scott Spelbring to put together some tracks in preparation for a full album.  The songs I was able to get my ears on show that the duo is heading in the right direction.  With tracks like ‘Afraid To Fall’ Ms. Ferrandino shares her inner most fears in a mesmerizing voice that would mellow the most angst ridden man.  She truly shows she has no fear.  The more fast paced ‘Ask Me To Dance’ is a love song that really lets Kiran show the power of her voice without having to scream into the microphone.  The simple guitar background just forces you to focus on her heartwarming lyrics.  The poppy ‘Yesterdays ’ brings back memories of early Sheryl Crow.  The guitar work is impressive here and the sultry vocal phrasing leads the listener to yearn for a personal meeting with Kiran.

When you need a pill of relaxation go listen to some Kiran Ferrandino here:

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