Something I am well aware of from my time in the US Army is that there are many talented musicians hiding in the ranks.  While stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the 82nd Airborne Division there were different bands to see each weekend full of soldiers.  The mix of artists from all parts of the country made for great collaborations and exposure to styles that I may never have been introduced to.  More great memories were made making music together than I can remember.

This is why I wasn’t surprised to find out that the latest artist I found served 6 years for her country.  Mercedes Diaz is a jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and performer that also attended Berklee College of Music like I did.  I found her video for ‘Lust For You’ and see this could be the beginning of something big for her.  According to Mercedes,  ” I am not looking to be a one hit wonder…I am determined to do what it takes to spread my message, be a pioneer for my future and just make great music.”  I do not doubt her potential.

Enjoy the video for yourself here:

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