We have often preached here about the power of the internet in making our world a smaller place.  When used in the musical arena it is amazing what can be produced by musicians from different corners of the world collaborating to create something that would have never had a chance 20 years ago.  We recently discovered a partnership that is the epitome of this.  Let us introduce you to Paradors.

The band is the collaborative effort between musicians in Sweden, England, and Canada.  How else would you be able to get these people together in a room for a common goal, besides music?  It is obvious that different parts of the world have their own musical identity with sounds that are unique to the region.  But with Paradors, each member brings their own influence into a seamless mish-mosh of beautiful music.  There are many people involved in this project;  Jesper Eriksson – Songs, lyrics, bass, guitars, backup vocals, Christer Björklund – drums, backup vocals, recording engineer/producer, Scott Cryer – Vocals & lyrics, Nick Marsh – vocals, lyrics, Andreas Tuveson – vocals, Sverker Magnusson – Organ and Piano, Richard Krantz – Pedal steel, Mats Grönmark – Lap Steel, Anders Lyck – guitar, Johan Nordström – electric & acoustic guitar.  When you put all this talent together, amazing things happen.

Now this collaboration has released their debut album MAG Songs, a 10 song charity album for Mines Advisory Group.  If I had to specify their sound I would lean towards alternative stadium rock.  There is a lot going on here.  On indie-folk like tracks like ‘Silvertrain’ and ‘Murphy Blender’ you can hear the different styles from the different parts of the world melding together perfectly to create a seamless soundscape that could fit anywhere.  The haunting ‘Your House’ has a creepy feel that forces the listener to investigate the full song to crack the code of why it is so mesmerizing.  The powerful ‘Beautiful Things’ is a song ready for mainstream radio.  The vocals are deep and hypnotic while the wall of sound behind it captivates the listener.  This is a grand song that you cannot turn away from.

On top of all this, Paradors are doing all this for a good cause.  Every penny from all albums sold goes directly to MAG International (Mines Advisory Group) which is a neutral and impartial organization that clears out landmines left from conflicts around the world.  This amazing not-for-profit cause was even a co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.  Good music + good cause = happiness.

To take a listen for yourself go to: http://paradors.se/

To learn more about MAG International go to: www.maginternational.org

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