The hip hop and rap game is flooded with talented artists.  One thing that sets the rising stars apart from the rest of the crowd is the willingness to work their ass off to achieve their goals.  This trait is better known as “hustle” in this scene.  An artist came to us recently that is definitely a hustler and has something for the world to hear.  Here is Boy Face.

The rapper was born in New Orleans, raised in Bremerton and Seattle, Washington, and moved to the NY/NJ area in 2003.  This wide range of scenes has made sure that Boy Face knows Hip-Hop culture all over the country better than most.  This is also a man that is not afraid to say what is on his mind even though it may be unpopular with some people in the scene.  Boy Face’s first real push in the rap game was his ‘diss’ record Recovery that was aimed at rap superstar Eminem.  This kind of determination landed him on Coast2Coast mixtape volume 148 hosted by Snoop Dogg with a song called ‘Groovin’ that has reached over 1,000,000 downloads.  His hard work is paying off.

Boy Face’s latest album What Boys Dream About is out on iTunes now and he is ready to hustle to get it heard by the masses.  He has already made some progress getting the album distributed by Island/Def Jam digital.  Like I said he always has something to say with his unique style of flow.  On ‘Detox’ he pays tribute to Dr. Dre with a bouncy lyrical barrage over a classic Dre influenced beat.  The track even features Snoop Dogg protégé Mac Lucci.  Another track that sticks out is ‘Brooklyn Is America’.  Boy Face lets you know right off the bat that Jay Z is another influence with a shout out right at the start of the track.  He shows his ability to use diverse styles here.  Another interesting track is ‘So Cxxl’.  He delivers a flow that sounds so natural and unstrained over a nice simple slow beat that only adds to the feel of the song.

Go check out some Boy Face for yourself at:

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