School is so often a place where musicians find like minded individuals to form a band with.  Many of these foundations go on to become long standing friendships as well as musical partnerships.  What about when this meeting happens in a school for recording engineers?  Knowing that your new partner is already very serious about a music career gives the band a real head start.  This is the story of Kalance Theory.

The collaboration between Ryan Keeton from Kentucky & Nick Mac of Los Angeles, California began at recording engineering school in Chillicothe, OH during nightly jam sessions that built into something more.  Kalance Theory delivers raw rock music with thought provoking lyrics.  The pair’s experiences of past bands and writing music for licensing opportunities has left them with the ability to write pretty music with hooks that sink their teeth into the listener.

Kalance Theory has recently released their debut EP I’m Ok.   This is a record full of haunting yet welcoming music that will seep into your brain as you give it a few listens.  The opening self-titled track begins with Ryan’s showing a glimpse of his vocal talent then builds into an atmospheric soundscape that is relaxing and gives you the ability to focus on the well written lyrics.  ‘Cessation’ is a folk-like track that has the feel of a song created around a bonfire in a desolate wasteland.  The guitar line is warm yet unapologetically catchy.  The highlight for me was the song ‘Sorry Just Don’t Get It Done’.  The track features sparse instrumentalization and focuses on Ryan’s raspy voice and the pretty guitar meanderings of a man that knows his instrument well.

Go get a listen to the new EP for yourself at:

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