With a band name like Teen, you might be forgiven for having mental images of Justin Bieber or some other young artist on the young pop scene.  In this case, though, you’d be wrong – the name “Teen” doesn’t refer to anyone’s age or music preferences, but is instead taken directly from the name of the band’s founder, Teeny Lieberson.
Lieberson formed this band with her sisters, and they released their debut album, In Limbo, this summer.  To call it raunchy lo-fi doesn’t even begin to cover their style – they have that sort of early-’80s vibe that so many post-punk girl bands had back then, but they combine it with just a touch of modern production, without losing the grungy feel.
This is music for a lazy Sunday afternoon, to be listened to while baking cookies or sunbathing or going for a long, meandering drive.  The album has eleven songs, and although the overall feel is chilled out, each song has its own version of a laid-back personality, and some are even a little bit cheery and upbeat.  ‘Better’, for example, kicks off the album with a great summer anthem, full of sunny joy but not at all like bubblegum pop.  It’s an an interesting combination of youthful energy and dark songwriting maturity.  ‘Electric’ is another track that falls into this category.
If you’re looking for something a little slower, ‘Huh’ is a song that meanders around a dreamy landscape, never to find its way back again.  The vocals are eerie and hauntingly beautiful, and the whole feel of the song is like clouds floating across the sky.
You can enjoy more of Teen’s music at http://teen1.bandcamp.com/.
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