Do you remember the Supremes?  Well they’re back, and this time they are sexier and with an edge. The harmonies and choreographed dance is a formula you don’t see anymore in the music industry, however Lily & The Parlor Tricks have, and they do it well. Everything from the shoes to their outfits are thought out and so is their music.  Welcome to the world of Lily and the Parlour Tricks.

At first I didn’t know what to make of their sound.  They don’t just sound like one genre, they have a combination of  good old rock and roll with modern sounds from today. Their performance is something to envy as this band pays attention to so many details.  When I spoke to bassist, Brian Kesley about such things, he said they just have trial and error when they do all this. I really was impressed, they seem to have everything they need to make this much bigger.

As the performance continued they ended up doing a cover of the Nine Inch Nails’ song “Closer” which was amazing.  I am a fan of Nine Inch and every time I heard this song it sounded like it was a bit creepy, but then put that song with Lily’s voice and you have something completely different. Somehow the song’s lyrics change to something raunchy and sexy along with the great sounds the band produces and let’s not forget the other two female backup singers, Morgane Moulherat and Darah Golub, who add a whole new sound on their own. Hard to imagine that they came up with this cover while joking about it during rehearsal one day.

The band sounds powerful, from the drums to the backup singers. When I spoke to the lead singer, Lily Claire, she seems to get her inspiration from many things, even crime stories. That’s thinking out the box for sure.  She describes this project as “our baby” and if they believe in this, they sure need to take care of this “baby” for it’s something worth doing.

Please go to for more information and their tour schedule.  This is definitely a band everyone should see live.

-live review by Ana Cordova of Indie Band Guru


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