The Gorillaz have made thier new album Plastic Beach available for a first listen on the National Public Radio website. 

 Listen to it here Gorillaz – Plastic Beach 

Plastic Beach cover art

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach cover art

Plastic Beach re-unites Damon Albarn, of the band Blur and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett, best known for his work on Tank Girl.  This project dreamed up back in 1998 is back with a bang.  Plastic beach includes a huge list of guest stars, creating yet another well-crafted and dance-friendly set of songs. Here, Albarn and company’s songs demonstrate a genre-bending collection of glitchy club beats and hip-hop grooves, augmented by brass, glitzy synthesizers and Asian- and Arabic-tinged orchestral harmonies.

From the first voice you hear on the album, namely Snoop Dog, you get a good feel that this will be an album you will find yourself listening to a lot in 2010.  Indie Band Guru strongly recommends you give the album a listen.  Do it now and post your thoughts below in our comments section:

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