Lolahiko’s Unexpectedly Relatable Funeral


“Where did my life go, descending into a hole? I knew that I wouldn’t last long, I was never strong enough…Just don’t cry at my Funeral. I’ve already died it’s a Funeral. What’s the point in crying? I’ve already done the dying.”

Pair those lyrics with an otherworldly sound and haunting chorus and Lolahiko’s single, “Funeral,” is something that reaches deep down to the part of your soul that is tortured, moody and full of angst. You can nearly feel the raindrops from the thunderstorm on your skin and almost drown in its midst, but the percussion just keeps you afloat.

Impose Magazine says of the single, “A thunderstorm and organ music, the darkest funeral you can imagine. Enter gorgeous, ethereal vocals that answer each other’s prayers back and forth. Lauren and Ike’s voices are perfectly vibey, intertwined well with percussion that immediately gets your hips swaying.”

The single is a most dark Funeral indeed. It could be blasted in your room whilst lying on the ground in the dark having some sort of existential crisis. It is what I would imagine Jughead from Riverdale listens to in order to cope with his perpetual homelessness and gang-member father. It is what I would listen to in order to deal with the inherent struggle of being a millennial or what anyone could listen to in order to simply just cope with the travesty that was 2016.

Guts could be the soundtrack of your latest breakup. The upbeat, empowering feel of Everleigh would get you back up get back up again. You could use any track from their EP to soundtrack a slice of your life.

Lolahiko are an undoubtedly relatable duo through their music and right down to the title of their new EP, The Year We Died but Stayed Alive.

Each track from the EP will individually speak to your soul in a unique way that is worth giving a listen.

Check out Lolahiko’s facebook page here and their enchanting video for Funeral below.


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