Madeline Rosene Isn’t Just Talking To Herself In New Single

The seemingly never-ending state of the pandemic has many people feeling pretty crappy, and some might even say a little crazy. But if nothing else it has given everyone plenty of time to be introspective and learn about themselves. Madeline Rosene an impressive up-and-coming indie pop singer/songwriter has channeled into that stir-crazy feeling with her new single “Talking to Myself.”

“Talking to Myself” is filled to the brim with angst and strength and Madeline embodies that perfectly within the accompanying music video.

“I’m not crazy, you’re the crazy one”

This track is raw and provocative, laying all of Madeline’s thoughts on the table without sugar coating it. There’s an essence of chaos that carries throughout the lyrics that Madeline translates perfectly in the tone of her vocals. Madeline’s voice powerfully broods over acoustic guitar, allowing her strength to shine through and furthering the angst felt within this track.

The accompanying music video for “Talking to Myself” personifies the song perfectly. Madeline adorns a hospital gown and writes the lyrics to the song all over her body, bringing each word to life. It’s clever and provocative and gives meaning to the track, making for an all-over flawless release of “Talking to Myself.”

It’s clear that Madeline Rosene has a lot on her mind and more to share with the world as long as we are willing to listen. And after listening to “Talking to Myself” on repeat multiple times, I for one, am fully ready to listen to what’s next. Keep your eyes peeled on Madeline Rosene, she’s destined for stardom.

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