Madison Cunningham Debuts “Broken Harvest”

GRAMMY-nominated musician Madison Cunningham debuts her new track “Broken Harvest” for NPR Morning Edition’s Song Project!

“Broken Harvest” is a beautifully crafted single with tons of ambient and spacey instrumentation with haunting vocals to match. Its energy and melancholy feel add to its likability as a relaxing single to throw on.

Give a listen to “Broken Harvest” on Spotify!

“I had worried for a moment that a song based on 2020 could be a directionless one to write,” She shares. “A year that left us all like a headless herd of chickens running around a farmyard,” Cunningham explains, “…it was easy to think it was only happening to you. To anyone with a dream, the feeling of being robbed of opportunity, growth, promise, or success, was incredibly abrasive.”

“It wasn’t until after we lost my Grandma to a stroke back in August that I realized… we’ve always been faced with this,” Cunningham continues. “Loss is in the cards for us humans… Without sounding too casual about what this year stole from us, (some replaceable, some not), this gave me a shot of optimism.  Not because there’s light at the end of the tunnel, or because somehow all that we lost has been reconciled, but because maybe, just maybe, we’re born with the strength to deal with it.”

Don’t forget, Madison Cunninghams 2020 EP Wednesday is still out via Verve Forecast, so if this new single passes your vibe check, be sure to dig into the rest of her covers and music on Spotify!

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“Broken Harvest” Single Art

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