In these days of mass information and entertainment sometimes a good song is just not enough.  The addition of a well made music video can get a song a tremendous amount of additional plays and exposure.  A new artist that truly gets this is our new find Majentta.

The female artist from Los Angeles, California aims to be sincere and inspiring in her music and visual exploits.  Her sound is somewhat dark but has a pop feel to it that can be enjoyed by the masses.

The first true release from this truly talented individual is the single “Burst”.  The vocal skills of Majentta stand out right away as they carry you through the song.  The ominous background sounds add another element letting the song sink deep within your brain.  The accompanying music video is on another level.  It is more than just a music video but instead a mini movie that tells a dark story.  Enjoy it for yourself here:

This is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  Follow Majentta here:

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