Malmo Takes Us To Alt-Universe With ‘Memories of Joi’


Music is meant to take our minds to another place. Our thoughts can drift into a happy place or even another universe. This is needed more than ever in the current climate of our world. In the case of our recent discovery Malmo, we are entering a science fiction universe far away from here.

Originally from Bergen, Norway, but now enjoying life in Moss, on the sunny eastern shores south of Oslo, electronic musician Malmo has been creating music on and off since 1997. Music has been a part of his life for quite a while but recently he has made it a point to create and get his songs out into the world. 

His focus is on giving the listener a totally new experience. Something different from the norm. For the latest single, Malmo takes us to an alternate space with “Memories of Joi”. The song is inspired by the Blade Runner universe. The future is dark and Joi is questioning if her memories are her own. What are we without our memories.

The slow build of the song sets the stage for our minds to be wide open. The space theme is furthered with blips and bleeps placing us deep into the future. Malmo brought in Enlia to provide the lyrics and vocals. Her sultry sound washes over the listener creating a cocoon for us to enjoy our new found destination. The sonics of the track continue this vibe, seemingly coming from all angles until an abrupt end lets us land back on the real world. Hopefully with an open mind to take the journey again.

You can find more Malmo on Twitter and Instagram.

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