McGinley And The Cats Are “Filling The Void” With Their New Album

McGinley and The Cats - Filling The Void

“Some days are frustrating, some days bring pure joy. To be able to capture those feelings or find their essence by sitting down with an acoustic guitar and messing about is a privilege. Especially, when you can then share it with friends like the Cats.” Jo McGinley has taken his passion for music and merged with some friends to breathe life to McGinley and the Cats.

2020 has brought McGinley and the Cats the release of Filling The Void. This 16 track album is nothing short of a transformation period for McGinley. The collaboration with the Cats has resulted in songs that feel like a complete moment in time.

“The short stories on this album, Filling The Void, flickered like insistent little flames and then later blazed with fiery energy into the Autumn and Winter of 2019 at a time when some of the key relationships in my life broke down and fell away.”

Facing the inner conflicts associated with the dissolution of different important interpersonal relationships McGinley turned to those he could trust and poured his soul into Filling The Void. “These remaining friends seemed to burn even brighter no longer impeded. So bright, I needed my shades. Particularly my relationship with Katie Katt. The joy of being amongst people who reciprocate – that is what Filling The Void is all about.”

Utilizing an acoustic guitar as a piece of precious precision, the intricacies of Filling The Void are universally enjoyable. The album is an hour and a half of music so calming in it’s nature, it’s nearly entrancing. McGinley’s voice is present and soothing, creating a delicate dance between his vocals and the instrumentals as they weave together. Filling The Void is easy-listening at it’s finest.

Each song on the album is lengthier than your standard 3-minute number and doesn’t necessarily follow the typical structure of most modern day music making Filling The Void a diverse listen. You enter each song going on a new journey with McGinley and the Cats. Not knowing where it may take you, only knowing it’ll shine light into another story, another moment in time.

McGinley and the Cats have spent countless hours together working to make something special in Filling The Void. So take some time out of your busy social isolation schedule to enjoy the easy-listening sounds of McGinley and the Cats as you deep clean your home!

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