Mammothfest – Brighton’s Metal Music Festival


As the summer comes to a close so does the season of outdoor music festivals.  All the huge bands have had their time in the sun in front of big crowds.  Now it is time for the indoor season to come back.  One music festival that has been consistently growing as a major force is Mammothfest.

The currently indoor festival set in various venues in Brighton, East Sussex, UK is scheduled for 30th September – 2nd October.  Mammothfest serves the sometimes overlooked underground hard rock and metal scenes.  Past years have included such bands as Onslaught, Feed The Rhino, Martyr Defiled, Entombed, Sylosis, Savage Messiah.  The fans of this music are some of the most loyal and will follow their idols anywhere.  

The fourth annual Mammothfest will spread across five stages over three days.  This one, the most immense event yet, has a line-up of 44 acts.  Some major acts for this year include Textures, Conan, Eastern Front, and Heart Of A Coward.  The main headliner is Venom Inc. who headline at The Concorde 2 on Saturday, October 1st.  This is not only the biggest band Mammothfest has hosted to date but the venue, Concorde 2, is the biggest one used so far too.  


Mammothfest has grown from a couple of single venue all-day shows to the multi-venue event it is today. The plans for the festival are to keep growing each year with bigger bands, bigger venues, and broader reach.  

Brighton has become a popular day-trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings. Brighton Pier, in the central waterfront section, opened in 1899 and now has rides and food kiosks. The town is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, shopping, and festivals.

There are many options for tickets to Mammothfest.  Whether you are looking for one particular show or a full weekend of metal, they have you covered.  There are even VIP or cheap hotel accommodations provided to fit your budget.  Go explore the options and get tickets or merch HERE

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