Marc DiNero Says “Don’t Do That”

Real pros in hip-hop don’t set the tone with a lot of theatrics or surface-level frills – on the contrary, it takes nothing more than a sharp vocal to make the mood in any given performance, which is exactly what Marc DiNero does in the new single “Don’t Do That.” With some help from WunTayk Timmy, DiNero weaves together a simple but wholly lyrical string of verses that meld with the rhythm of the percussion excellently, and while the instrumental foundations are quite stirring, it’s my man’s stealthy form of charisma that really steals the show here. 

The circular beat beneath the lyrics in “Don’t Do That” is meant to be a little unpredictable, but it falls well short of ever sounding nauseating. We’re immersed in the emotion of the verses from the jump thanks to the jarring sway of the groove, with DiNero’s vocal remaining the only true point of solidity as the music runs on between choruses.

This is one of the more methodical hip-hop tracks I’ve listened to all year long, and yet it doesn’t sound so cerebral as to put off the casual rap fan just looking for a sexy beat to get down with at the club. 

Watch the video for “Don’t Do That” below

Anxious grooves meet slicks vocals to make for a genuine pop crossover in “Don’t Do That” that I think listeners need to check out before spring’s arrival and judging from the reception DiNero and WunTayk Timmy are getting, I’m not the only critic impressed with their sound. They’ve got fire chemistry and an elegant way of putting together the best parts of pop and rap inside of a three-and-a-half-minute super jam, and while there’s a lot of competition coming through their growing underground scene, this suggests that they’re ready for just about anything – and anyone – who gets in their way. 

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