Due to the promising rise of new comers in the music business, marketing one’s music could be somewhat difficult. Many strive hard to find effective ways market their music.  The most important thing in marketing music is to be creative. Think of ways that can help you market them without having to spend a lot or even nothing at all.

This article lists several music marketing and promotional tips that you can do for free or for a low cost.

Distribute Business Cards

This is a cheap, well- received method of marketing your music. Remember to always carry your cards with you and then look for opportunities to give them away to your target market. You can disperse them when you’re in conferences, concerts, seminars, trade shows, etc.

Demo CDs

This is an old method that has worked for years.  Choose your best songs and compile them in a CD then give them to your fans at shows, concerts, or other forums as free samples. This method can create a noise about your band without having to pay a lot or nothing at all because the songs used are recorded previously or just low budget recordings. Some labels call this process white labeling. It is used to create a buzz about certain music artists or bands. You can sell those cds at venues and distribute a demo disk that is prepared for press and song contests you’ve decided to join in the future.

Create an Email list

This method is mandatory and well worth it. You can find huge numbers of free groups and newsletter services on the internet and choose a hosting company that will help you manage your email lists. One way to make your group list grow is to use the other groups’ members’ lists and then invite their members to join yours. Remember that the band that you do this with is the same as your genre or you will be marked as a spammer by other members. Be vigilant on the number of attempts of getting members from the same group.

Social Networking Pages

More and more artists are now using Social Networking sites for their music marketing tasks. They use websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. This technique is probably the most popular, cheapest, and fastest way to market their music since more and more people are now owning different kinds of high tech gadgets and becoming a member of two or more of these social networking sites.

This is basic but sometimes going back to the simple things will get you on the right track again.

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