MC Storm Reaches Out With ‘The Touch’

MC Storm

Music is meant to have an effect on your mind. This can happen in an infinite number of ways. Our recent discovery Mc Storm is bringing positivity and inspiration with a focus on praising God. 

The sound of MC Storm is a smooth R&B with powerful rap verses that open up his past and his future for the listeners to become part of his story. This will always bring the fans closer as they feel they are getting to know a real person and not just some artist pretending to be something they are not.

After hooking up with 2Fly Publishings and United Masters, last month MC Storm released his latest EP The Touch. The 7 track record is exactly what you need for a relaxing journey into the mind.

The title single “The Touch” opens it up with a smooth and easy vibe as sounds dance in the background. There is a warm and cozy feel as the lyrics dive deep into your subconscious to open your mind up to the message of MC Storm.

You can have a listen on the platform of your choice HERE.

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