Not every musician has the opportunity to pursue a musical dream right from an early age.  Many artists live their life with their own music playing in the background of their mind.  Eventually though as the musical mind fills this music will want to get out into the world and a star is born.  This seems to be similar to the story of Mercedes Nicole.

Mercedes Nicole

The Jazz singer from Seattle, Washington has had a love for the sound for many years.  Mercedes sat at her father’s feet from the age of 7 as he played record after record of the female classics such as Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn.  Her affection for the style grew and her father started sneaking her into the Los Angeles clubs to see the music performed live.  Life took over and Mercedes Nicole dove into her studies in school watching some of her friends dive into the music business while she sat on the sidelines.  After a chance meeting with Seattle’s own matriarch of jazz, Ms. Grace Holden in 2000 the passion for the music became undeniable and Ms Holden mentored Mercedes to pursue the dream.

The music started to flow and the impressive Jazz songs keep churning out.  In 2013 Mercedes Nicole released the Beautiful Alignment album introducing her sweet voice to the world with rave reviews.  Never stopping she has been working on more songs recently and we had the chance to hear a few.  The track “Chicken, Biscuits, And Gravy” is a soft and sultry song where Mercedes Nicole lets her voice take over and create a sexy feeling of coziness.  The accompanying all-star band shows off some real skills especially on guitar and piano.  The direction of “Touching The Sky” is different with its minimalistic background letting the vocals lead the way through the inspiring song.  There is a beauty to the sound that will ease any troubled mind and bring an aura of peace.  Keep an eye on Mercedes Nicole as the story continues at:

If you will be in the Seattle area on May 30th you can catch dinner and a show with Mercedes Nicole at China Harbor:

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  1. Cynthia James

    She has an amazingly richly layered voice! She haunts you, and every concert I’ve been to, she hires the best musicians I’ve ever heard!