Sometimes a good soul searching mission is needed to bring out the true music within an artist.  When the true meaning of things is laid out in front of a person they truly find their purpose.  It seems that is what it took for our latest find Michael Barry-Rec to reach his niche.

michael Barry

Michael was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut where he took up guitar at a young age but lacked the local stimulation to find his own unique style.  This led to him picking up and leaving for a life altering three year cross country adventure.  He discovered a lot about himself and ended up settling in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  Here is where he started experimenting with both loops and the lap steel.  Another side of his psyche led him to discover the peace he found in stonework.  Quite an odd combination but each individual must find their own personal zen.

The latest release from Michael Barry-Rec is the instrumental album Continuum.  The 13 track album is a large sounding mix of eclectic sounds that seem to bring peace.  On songs such as “Cause And Effects” and “Beckon” there is a sweet sound that relaxes the mind while adding enough interesting changes to keep thoughts flowing.  The lead single “Sanctum” offers an atmospheric sound added to by the contributions of George Winston and bassist JD Foster.  The soundscape cascades over the listener as he finds himself transfixed on the song.  “Mystified” seems to come at you from all angles with instruments attacking to form a complete wall of sound.  The album shows some diversity as well on “Shake Rag Shuffle”.  The bluesy track features some amazing guitar work and shows off the talent that lies within.  When you are ready to ease your mind check out the sounds at:

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