If you strive for a successful career in music you must get out there and constantly be meeting new people and expanding your network.  Each person you meet along the way can turn into a fan or even more importantly have their own talent that can add to your music.  Leave no stone unturned because you never know who will turn up.  An artist who has mastered this is Shenna.


The R&B/Pop singer from Woodbridge, Virginia discovered her musical talents at a young age along with natural born skills as a dancer and actress.  With her family’s help she was out there performing from the age of seven in front of thousands of people getting her name and face out there.  Shenna always looks to expand her knowledge of the business and is currently taking classes in the Music Business Program at Berklee College.  She also is a member of the International Music Fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota to continue her networking in this difficult industry.  Randomly she hooked up with Austin Bello from Forever The Sickest Kids to produce her first major project.  Her sound is quite different from FTSK but the teamwork seems to work quite well.

Last week Shenna released her debut EP Dream In Color.  The 5 track record shows a true talent for singing and songwriting.  The opener “Me Vs. You” is a sweet peppy jam with an energy that is striving to break out.   There is sound coming at you from all angles on “Love”.  The mix creates a strong song that captures the listener’s attention with its twists and turns.  The album takes a more ambient and epic turn on “Stranger”.  The wall of sound in the background adds to the strong vocals up front.  This seems to be a great start for a hard working artists that wants to share her talents with the world.  Find out more about Shenna at: http://www.shennamusic.com/


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