One of our favorite bands that no one knows about yet is back.  The guys from Austin, Texas band Shadow Of Whales have released a great music video for their single “Dreams”.  The hard working band had a great idea and ran with it.  They went around Austin interviewing people asking what their dreams were, and asking them to write it down on a whiteboard.  Seems like a simple idea but it keeps you focused on the video to see what the next dream is.  Enjoy the song and video here:


We truly believe that Shadow Of Whales will reach their goal, or as they say n the song :

“I know where I wanna be

I’ll Live like I know what I mean

Won’t let anybody tell me any different

Because I need to follow my dream”
Keep up with what is next from SOW at:

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  1. St. Louis Scot

    The harmonies at the end were flawless and exactly what this song needed to elevate it from an everyday pop song to a “dream.” Well done guys.

  2. Lili

    This band rocks!!!!