There are albums in every musicians life that spark the fire inside them to create music of their own.  An album that has done this for many a pop punk band is Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World.  One individual that stands out lately is Jerod McBrayer of the band Worth Taking.

Worth Taking

The Atlanta native loved what he had found and began experimenting to add these influences to his own sound.  He took up the moniker Worth Taking and began adding the sugar to his previously raw punk sound as well as diving into more meaningful lyrics sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings.  Tough thing for a true punk but the attraction was there.  Jerod recorded a debut EP by himself providing all the vocals and instrument work.  The record got some positive feedback and he knew he was on the right track but needed some help.  Jerod headed across the country to where he knew countless bands had originated, The Bay Area of California.  It wasn’t long before he found Tim Reeder and Chris Self and the band WOrth Taking was complete.

As the band is putting together their first full-length Art Imitates Art due out in August they also recorded a punk rock cover EP featuring deep cuts by some of their major influences that has been released today.  The album Punker Than Thou is a 6 song ode to the raw punk energy that pushes the band forward.  The opener “Maria” shows that this band can keep up with the talents of the greats.  The song sounds very close to the original.  On “The Empire” the band gets Mike Herrera to come in and lay down some impressive vocals.  The power behind him is a perfect blend of energy holding back as it waits to explode.  Worth Taking takes a shot at The Ramones “I Wanna Live” and makes it their own with a more melodic sound and a fuller feel.  This is a band that is ready to take the past and all of the influence it has given them and take it to the future.  We are looking forward to the new album coming by Worth Taking.  Keep up with the band at:

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