It is true that the internet has made it much easier to share your music and get some fans around the world.  There is still no replacement for getting up in front of a crowd at a concert venue and putting on an impressive show that melts faces and gains “real” fans that you will see over and over again.  It sometimes seems that the art of the show is being lost.  Luckily there are still bands that bring the live entertainment like our latest find Midnight Mosaic.

Midnight Mosaic

The band from Asbury Park, New Jersey perform an original brand of Rock n’ Soul that has been winning over audiences at their shows throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.  The collection of players featuring A.t. Hunte (vocals), Gil T. Brown (Bass), Trent Cater (Guitars), AJ (Drums), Harrisyn Hartt (Keyboards/Synth), and DeeM (Backing Vocals) each bring their own personal style that blend together seamlessly to create the Midnight Mosaic sound.  It is predominantly indie rock but heavily influenced by funk, dance, and soul music.

Recently Midnight Mosaic has released their new full-length album Fire Work.  The 10 track record shows the diversity that the band can use to really impress their audiences.  The opener “Right To Die” focuses on the impressive vocals of A.T. Hunte and the raw energy provided by the 6 member band.  The hard and fast parts taking turns with slow and deliberate ones makes for a cool attention grabbing effect.  The band also put together a fabulous music video for the song.  Enjoy it below:

Some real guitar talent is exposed on “Bazooka Gumption”.  The track has a dance beat to it that would force even the wallflowers to get out there and shake their ass.  The tide turns a little darker and more progressive on “S’Often”.  The way that all these experienced musicians can meld together to create a full wall of sound is truly impressive.  More standout tracks are “Underdog” and “Wait”.  Overall this is a great album start to finish but even more than that everyone needs to see Midnight Mosaic live to experience the electricity that they provide.  Keep up with more music and the band’s live shows at:

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