If I had a nickel for every teenager that got a guitar and thought they were going to be a rock star I would be a very rich man.  Most kids don’t realize the hours of practice needed to become proficient on the instrument or the hard work needed to actually compose a quality song.  Sometimes it takes many years to become any good but there are also the young talents that catch on to something that they were born with and put in the work to bring that talent to the world.  It looks like the next young band to catch this fire is The Cranks.

The Cranks

The Massachusetts based band consists of twins Connor and Haley Gowland and Alex Markoski.  They began performing cover songs back in 2006 building up their chops before re-launching as an original 3-piece in 2009.  It just happens that they were still in middle school.  The Cranks youth transfers into high energy shows that have been known to excite crowds of all ages.  It is obvious the band is having fun up there and it is contagious.  Thier straight up sound is 100% authentic without the use of autotune and synthesizers.

Amazingly The Cracks have recently released their third full length album entitled Orange.  The 10 track record shows how a band that has been together for a while can meld perfectly even if they are young.  Album opener “Fishbowl” is a fun stripped down song with toy sounding guitar tone and sweet female vocals that make this an instant bubble gum pop song.  The Cranks continue the fun but add a more rocking feel on “Not OK”.  The buildup of the track will have you listening on the end of your seat.  Haley’s vocals really stand out on “The Way” with an energetic alt rock background.  The tone slows down some on the closer “Safe Haven’s Call”.  There is still power here and a perfect fit to end the album leaving the listener ready for more.

Keep up with The Cranks at: http://www.thecranks.com/

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