With the use of new technology and the ability to file share with anyone, anywhere, the music world has become a much smaller place.  When a musician can not find any local talent that has the same vision of sound he can turn to the internet and find the like minds needed to make this vision a reality.  This has made for some fantastic collaborations.  One of our favorite new ones is Vortex Ascent.

The international music collective is a group of solo independent artists residing in the UK, France, South Africa, and Japan.  With the influences from all of these far corners of the world the musical output is quite unique and varied.  There are genres heard from Alternative pop to experimental rock but the leading tone is among the soundtrack genre. The music is touching a nerve with fans that find it making it Number 1 on Somojo Music Radio & Magazine’s Top 20 Chart and also number 1 on Reverbnation’s ‘Other/Experimental’ Chart for London to end 2013.

The latest album by Vortex Ascent is the compilation record Shine A Light.  The 14 track album puts all the pieces together to form one beautifully cohesive unit.  Opening track “Dodging Bullets” by founder Derek, sets the tone showing how an assortment of sounds can come together for a moving and complete song.  “For What Its Worth” is a powerful song with rock elements as well as trance-like sounds bringing to mind the more exotic Radiohead albums of the late 90’s.  If there could be a lead single to an album like this it would be the haunting “Dark Skies”.  Sarah K Panton’s vocals seep deep into your soul as the soundscape puts your mind in a relaxed state.  Enjoy the video below:

The record closes with “Dodging Arrows” with its throwback feel to the new wave 80’s but with an updated tone bringing to life a new era.  Strong song to close a strong album.  Go take a listen for yourself at: http://vortexascent.bandcamp.com/

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