Miguel Kertsman Welcomes us ‘In The Moment’

Miguel Kertsman

A musician that is willing to explore multiple genres and styles will inherently become a better artist. Combining the skills needed within each style will only make your overall technique better. Our recent discovery Miguel Kertsman is a perfect example of this. His recent album In The Moment takes it to an even more real level as it comes together on the fly.

The talented composer and Jazz-Rock keyboardist put a lot of time into building a library of classical music. Miguel Kertsman has created orchestral, chamber, vocal, and solo works for such world-renowned artists as guitarist John Williams, opera star Angelika Kirchschlager, conductor Dennis Russell-Davies, the Vienna Symphony Chamber Orchestra, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This is just the tip of his talent though. 

As a solo artist Miguel Kertsman has explored genres all over the map including Prog-Rock, Jazz-Fusion, World Music, and Analog Electronica. His music has been used in film and video game soundtracks as well. This wide berth of music has opened up doors and connections to work with many other artists as well. 

For his latest experiment Miguel Kertsman hopes to show what can be made on the fly with just passion for creating original music. The fitting title In The Moment exemplifies the raw spontaneity of the music. Through the seven tracks of the album blurs the genre lines all while being captured in a single take with minimal microphones and no special production techniques.

Prepare to be “Driven” too your limits with Miguel Kertsman

The album starts off with a bang on “Driven” as the tempo and energy are turned to the max. Sound encompasses every inch of the speakers with random beats and keyboards pushing it forward. The contrast of “East West” is immediate as a slowed down sludge rock sound allows the focus on a meandering wind instrument. There is an arabic feel that had me truly grooving to this track.

The title track “In The Moment” lets musical partner Ernie Adams take the lead. His drumming is tremendous as it expands out of any limits. This power and experimentation combined with the spacy sounds added by Miguel on keyboards will take your mind on a journey. More ability and style broadness is shown on “Acid Blues Bop” as each artist takes turns adding their uniqueness to the blues base of the track. Winding throughout any semblance of norms makes for something truly interesting to listen to. 

By the time we reach the closer “Fusion” Miguel Kertsman and Ernie Adams have found their stride. A true fusion combines here as sounds blend with sounds that come from all over the place to intertwine. The listener never truly knows where the artist will take them next. This is the true power of In The Moment.

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