Mike Berman Tells Us ‘Where I’m From’

Mike Berman

Sometimes music has a way of transporting you to another place. As soon as you hear it, you feel like you are there. Mike Berman’s new album Where I’m From does just that. With a number of Berman’s tracks, I felt like I was on a beach in California, sitting around a fire while someone strums on an acoustic guitar. Many of the songs reference California directly, and Berman, who is based in Los Angeles, pays tribute to his state in his new album.

The songwriting is impeccable throughout the entire album. The pictures that Mike Berman paints are detailed and full of vivid imagery, with lyrics that stick in your head for days. The lush guitar work on the album makes for very easy listening and encourages repeat listens. The lyrics are full of emotional depth and it’s clear that Berman isn’t afraid to get personal in his songwriting.

The first track “Drive” is a catchy tune that takes the listener through a detailed drive in California. We get to leave the state with Mike Berman on “Goodbye California” as he croons about leaving for a better place. Another standout on the album “It Should Be Raining” is a folk-country gem with beautiful instrumentation.

Additionally, “There’s Nothin’ On the Radio” is an upbeat rock song that packs a punch. The closer “Living On Both Sides of The 5” lets the real folk shine through as Mike Berman tells us his story. Warm, cozy and smooth like much of the album.

This fantastic album is heartfelt and I highly recommend giving it a listen or two.

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