We get emails from bands asking us to take a listen to their music all day long.  It does get repetitive and a good amount of submissions just plain suck.  Today we got something different.   We were sent a new website to look at that could be a great tool for independent bands and music lovers of all kinds.  Thank you minilogs!

Minilogs.com is a new way to collect and share anything you like on the web.  Let’s face facts, bookmarking websites is archaic.  That technology was developed years ago and nobody has come up with a better way, until now!  With minilogs you just add the links you like to their easy interface and it is there, on its own web address for you to share however, and with whomever you wish.  No more having to scour the web to find that funny video that you saw last week, it can be at your fingertips whenever you want it.  The idea made sense so I tried it out

I made a quick minilog of the bands playing Central Park for the inaugural 2012 CBGB festival.


It took 5 minutes and now I have all the bands, and some music video from each, all in one spot.  I love when my busy life is made a little simpler.  You don’t even have to log in or give them all your info.

I just used YouTube videos but you can minilog any kind of site you want, vimeo, instagram, sound cloud, google maps, even Wikipedia.  The site is still pretty new and they seem to be trying to add features and other sites all the time.  It seems feedback is welcome too.  This is definitely one I am happy I found out about ahead of the curve.  Give it a try, you will enjoy it.

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