Miss Tun Pickney Expands The Reggae Genre

Miss Tun Pickney

If you ever want to be at the top of a music scene you have to become a real part of that scene.  Be willing to get out there and meet the people making the scene and learn from them.  Building up that knowledge and experience along with the connections, will give you the head start you need to get noticed.  Our recent discovery Miss Tun Pickney has put in the time and work and is now on the verge of stardom.

The artist persona of Dingle Heywood is one of five brothers on a mission to produce a new reggae sound.  There will be no cover songs or retreads of classic ‘riddims’.  Since his first band The Instigators, Miss Tun Pickney has been amassing knowledge and experience of the reggae scene to use in his signature sound.  This fresh take on the music of the islands is restarting a new reggae scene.  

The two major influences of Miss Tun Pickney are Bob Marley and Sly & Robbie.  These original trendsetters gave him the fortitude to find and produce his own sound.  Now he collaborates with both new and established vocalists to push the boundaries set by the reggae greats.  Creating something fresh is just the surface for this up and comer.  Come have a listen.

What Does Innocence Mean To Miss Tun Pickney


The latest example of this explosion of sound is the single “Innocent”.  The roots reggae riddim clashes with a walking bassline that gives it an almost bluesy feel.  The vocal style sits behind the beat with a clear voice drawing the listener into the deep meanings of the lyrics.  This interesting take on a new genre will have your ears seeking what is next for Miss Tun Pickney.  

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