Fall In Love With the New Self Titled EP From Ursae


If there is one thing at all that I can really appreciate, it is a chill track that really relaxes me and puts me at ease. Listening to Ursae really gave me that feel-good vibe that I have been needing after a stressful work/school week. Ursae, also known as Andrew Campbell, creates music that can best be described as a blend of Indie and Alternative. Throw in a little bit of an electronic sound and you’ve got some interesting music headed your way.

The new album from this talented artist, Ursae, is set to release on February 24th, and having already gotten a sneak peek of the album, I’d have to say that you all are really in for a treat. The first track you’ll hear, which has already been streamed, “Likeness,” is nothing short of perfect. There’s a subtle softness to it that really relaxes you, without wanting to put you to sleep. The vocals are amazing, and the range on this guy is ridiculous. It’s almost like with each track, he’s singing love songs to you, which is even more solidified by the second track, “So Green Her Eyes.”

Soft, melodic tunes grace your eardrums through Urase’s new EP.

The third track, “Song for _,” starts off very soft with a steady melody playing through your speakers. The slight electronic sound that you’ll hear, which resonates also with the initial vocals, really puts you into a trance. It’s as if the vocals are so far away, yet they’re flowing directly into your eardrums as the same time. The softness of his voice really embodies the Indie sound, but the tempo has that electronic sound that really throws you for a loop.

Overall, this album is nothing short of incredible. I don’t want to spoil it all for you, it’s something you’re going to have to check out yourself next week. Don’t forget! You won’t want to miss any of it.

You can check out “Likeness” to hold you over for now, over on Ursae’s SoundCloud.

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