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Well, it took me almost a month to finally get all my thoughts together from Mondo.NYC 2018. That is a testament to the amount of knowledge that was available to gather at the conference and festival. Over the 4 days in Brooklyn, there were a lot of decisions that needed to be made in the form of which panels to attend and then at night which bands I needed to travel around the city to see.


To start it off on Tuesday night was the France Rocks Opening Night Party at The Delancey. The first real event is always great to meet up with like-minded musicians and music professionals. Everyone is in a good mood (helped by the open bar provided by France Rocks) and willing to mingle and chat about the recent happenings in this wildly changing industry.


Headed down to Hank’s Saloon for a while after that to see Dryclean and Castle Black. Awesome to see that punk rock is alive and well.


Castle Black at Mondo.NYC 2018


The next day is when the learning truly began. The Williamsburg Hotel became my home for the day as I wanted to take in as much as I could about the future of Music within the Blockchain. MusicTech Day was a success with panels on The State Of Blockchain and Emerging Technologies, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralization in The Entertainment Industry. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of artists that are diving into this new space in music and am excited to see which ones are able to create sustainable careers using these new techniques to create income.


Mondo.NYC 2018 Provided A Ton Of Knowledge In 3 Days


By the time Friday came exhaustion had set in for many of us but we pushed forward continuing to hear different takes on where the industry is going. The Blockchain seems to definitely be a big part of it but with the abundance of different platforms vying for the artist’s attention, we may be spread a little thin. As these new innovators push forward or fade away the ones left will give amazing opportunities to those willing to be at the forefront of the new wave.


In my opinion, the most important part to take away from Mondo.NYC 2018 would be the connections made. The competition between artists that has existed for decades is starting to fade away as we realize that together we can achieve much greater things. There is space for everyone within their own little niche of the pie. A rising tide lifts all ships.


Dates have already been set for Mondo.NYC 2019. Plan your calendar now to be in NYC on October 15th-19th, 2019. Keep up with the planning and announcements of what will be happening next year at

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