See The Future at the MONDO NYC Music & Tech Festival


The wild summer of 2018 is finally coming to a close. Hopefully, you saw tons of great concerts and attended some amazing festivals. Now it is time to get work on pushing forward your music career. The MONDO NYC Music & Tech Festival is coming to Brooklyn, NY on October 2-5 to set you up for success.


The 4-day festival is based out of the Williamsburg Hotel on Brooklyn’s waterfront. The MONDO NYC global music business conference will focus on the intersection of emerging music discovery and the future tech that will shape its path. Panels will discuss the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how emerging technologies and economies will significantly impact the business of music. You will be given the opportunity to get face to face with the innovators behind the latest music business models and disruptive technologies from around the world.


Mondo NYC 2018 key business tracks include:

  • Streaming Media
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • The Songwriter & Music Publishing
  • Global Music Marketing
  • Music as a Cultural Export
  • Breaking into the North American Market
  • Music Supervision
  • Live Music Opportunities & Challenges

For a complete schedule of panels go HERE


This is the knowledge that is needed to get ahead of the curve and keep your music career on the path to making a difference. Adapt or die in today’s fast-moving, and constantly changing, independent music business.


As the sun goes down, Mondo NYC turns to the iconic clubs and music venues that keep the NYC music scene alive and well including Brooklyn Bowl, Coney Island Baby, The Delancey, DROM, Pianos and more. Over the 4 nights, a phenomenal schedule of live performances will keep the city buzzing. Over 150 bands and solo artists will shred the stages bringing their music to the most passionate music fans and music executives.


The lineup features an exotic array of artists from around the world including:

  • Omar Souleyman (Syria)
  • Laxmi Bomb (India)
  • Lord Esperanza (France)
  • Crosa Rosa (UK)
  • Kingswood (Australia)
  • Sevi Ettinger (China)
  • Mörk and Ivan & The Parazol (Hungary)
  • Eliane Amherd and Sophie de Quay & The Wave Guards (Switzerland)
  • DJ Shub, Elisapie, Goodbye Honolulu, iskwé, Karimah, and Kielley Koyote (Canada)
  • BriGuel, Girl Skin and HoneyChrome, RYAL (NYC)
  • THRILLCHASER (Providence)
  • The Darbies (Los Angeles)

For the full schedule of performances go HERE.


Bottom line, if you are serious about your music career and/or are truly passionate about discovering amazing new music you need to be at MONDO NYC 2018. Your ticket is your pass. There are still early bird and student discounts available. Get involved today HERE.


Indie Band Guru will be there. Let us know you are coming and let’s meet up for a drink and discussion on what we learned, and hear some great music!

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