It is far too often that great bands can not manage to fight through the rock star struggles after releasing their first album.  Whether it be band member skirmish or lack of monetary compensation, sticking together to write a second album is not an easy task.  This is why we were very excited to hear back from Morrow’s Memory.

Morrows Memory

We first were introduced to the Detroit, Michigan band back last year when they released their debut album Moving Forward.  The talent of each musician of the modern rock band struck a nerve and we have been keeping an eye of them ever since.  After some hard work between playing gigs and writing they have released their next single ‘Sapphire’ along with a music video to match.  Watch it below:

The track is a slower and more heartfelt song than some of Morrow’s Memory’s previous work but the skilled musicianship is still very present as you can see.  Singer Tony Fitchett seems to pour an enormous amount of passion into his delivery.  The production values are very high as the band was engineered, mixed and mastered by Mat Halliday of Minx Recording Studio in Toledo, OH.  The video is also a great work of art that again seems like something released by a band much further advanced in their career than MM.  Lucky for them they hooked up with Jake Kennedy, a film student who definitely has the eye for music video.  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, this may be your last chance before Morrow’s Memory is played regularly on hard rock stations through the country.  Find them here:


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