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Midlake – ‘Rulers, Ruling All Things’

Midlake – Rulers, Ruling All Things

Midlake's new album - The Courage of Others

Today we wanted to introduce MIDLAKE, an American band from Denton, Texas.  Midlake’s first full album, Milkmaid Grand Army, was released in 2004, but as with most experimental indie rock, they gained popularity in Europe before catching on in America. 

Starting with a background in jazz, Midlake moved toward indie rock and thier songs seem heavily influenced by bands such as Jethro Tull, Radiohead, and Grandaddy, artists who experiment, while still remaining accessible to the masses.

The new album ‘The Courage of Others’ was just released on February 2nd, 2010 in the US.  The song featured here “Rulers, Ruling All Things” seems to be the 1st single.  Enjoy it and please share your comments.

For more on Midlake go to thier website  

-Midlake will be in New York at the Bowery Ballroom for 2 shows in April.

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