Muzik Genesis Is Strong As A Sequoia – Interview

Muzik Genesis

As the world has moved to less walls and more acceptance, the music world aims to keep up. The restrictions of genre in modern music have faded. Artists are now more free to experiment and mix different sounds to create their own unique sound. Our recent discovery of Muzik Genesis is proof of this future thinking.

The project is the brainchild of Pablo Orozco-Castro. His goal with the Muzic Genesis project is to take the listener on a spiritual journey through human existence combining various genres. He has become a Hip-Hop, Experimental Rock Music producer as well as an Electronic Dance Music DJ.

The latest experiment by Muzik Genesis is his upcoming album Sequoia due for release on October 8th. The 13 track record encompasses many influences and directions. As Pablo puts it “This album goes out to the great and wondrous environment that extends from the deep depths of the oceans, to the redwood forests and to interstellar space. This album goes out to our great ancestors, the giant Sequoia.”

As we dive in on “Sunflower’s Journey” we are treated to elegant piano and sampled dialogue from anime. This is just a taste of the many directions that Muzik Genesis will be taking us in. “Livin’ Life” takes us to a world of trance led by some rap style vocals provided by Amir. Some jazz is thrown in to really show off the musical diversity that can come together in a beautiful way.



A raw yet pretty guitar line leads the way on “Sunsets” as a simple bass beat keeps it all together while the music leads the listener on a journey into their own mind. We get sped up with the melodious “Midnight Eclipse” pushing the tempo while still remaining trance-inducing. This is music that will keep you guessing as you let it wash over you and enjoy it.


We had a chance to chat with the artist about how it all came together and where the project goes from here:


First off, Where did the name Muzik Genesis come from?

The origin of the name Muzik Genesis comes from the idea of the interconnectivity of music in its most fundamental form, no matter how many labels we attempt to put on it in the form of “genres”. All musical styles, sounds, vibrations, and forms come from a single origin of music, that connects them all, and us all.


How would you describe your sound?

Sound can mean literally almost anything. Sounds can be quiet, loud, expressive, passive and everything in between. I believe this project really tries to capture a wide spectrum of the concept of sound.


How has the escape from genre restrictions affected your music development?

It has lead to artistic freedom. And it also has confused the fuck out of my fans. We are all inspired by many things that we come across in life, and sometimes we may take elements here and there from what we encounter, and what which inspires us. Life would be meaningless and monotonous if we limited the limits of our inspiration.


Tell us about your latest project Sequoia?

The latest Muzik Genesis project Sequoia is a project that is a compilation of work over the past 2 years.

Sequoia, in the form of lo-fi beats, hip-hop, trap, ambient and is a call-to-action for listeners to develop grounded-awareness of each individual’s relationship to the environment. Muzik Genesis cites influences from the late Nujabes to DJ Okawari and Blazo in developing the soundscapes and vibes of Sequoia. The eighteen-tracked album was produced by Muzik Genesis and features politically-charged emcee Khan of Santa Cruz, Colorado-based artist C. Waters, Queen’s-based hip-hop artist Kaizer Hazard and Amir, one of Muzik Genesis’s childhood friends from the San Francisco Bay Area. He also collaborated with @Lsiete7 (IG) for the album artwork depicting humanity’s apathy and inverted concern with the environment.

For this album, it has an affinity for the natural world. Sequoia is a piece that attempts to bridge the human experience with the natural world.


What does the future hold for Muzik Genesis?

That question remains to be unknown. Perhaps a more rock direction, maybe a more electronic vibe, or maybe anything in between. I would certainly like to release an acoustic guitar compilation sometime in the near future for yet another completely new and different direction. And always, working in a direction that has a great social impact in developing awareness on social issues.


Get a taste of the album on the Muzik Genesis BANDCAMP page.

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