It’s early Saturday morning and I am getting ready to take my 3 year old to a birthday party at Gymboree.  Problem is; I had a late night last night and just can’t get my ass in gear.  As usual, I turn to music to get me in the right mood.  There are not many better “wake-ups” than the music of Neverwhas.


The modern rock, high energy band from the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois has just what the doctor ordered.  Consisting of three brothers and one good friend, they are focused on writing and performing original music in the crowded hard-alternative rock scene.  Neverwhas is full of influences and ideas leading the boys to write over 50 songs and record 3 albums in their relatively short 4 year existence.  Their skills are evident right away as well.  Mike’s vocals are gritty and powerful over the shredding guitar of Nik while Rick and Chris keep up with a tight rhythm section.

The band’s last full length album is Solid Will Into Sacrifice, a 12 track testament to energetic modern rock.  The opener ‘Listen Closely’ attacks the listener right from the outset with aggressive guitars and Mike’s in your face vocal style.  Neverwhas shows their softer side with the softer ballad ‘Blackened Lady’.  Make no mistakes this is not a wimpy love song.  It stays true to the robust feel of the record.  The title track ‘Solid Will Into Sacrifice’ begins with some show-off guitar harmonics introducing the listen to what is perhaps the bands spacy-ist and most exotic song.  Chris shows some bass slapping skills himself here.  The track that really shook me awake was the powerful punk influenced ‘All Tech-No-Logic’.  It had my head bopping with an angry snarl before I knew it.

Bottom Line: Neverwhas is a band to experience when you are sick of the doldrums of boring commercial radio.  Get ready to awaken with some of their music at:

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