We wanted some more visual stimulation today so I ventured to YouTube to find some spacey experimental music videos.  I stumbled into the world of Babble, a UK band/art experiment that sucked my mind in for longer than I care to admit.  The exotic imagery and monotone trippy beat takes control of the time space continuum in your brain to steal minutes away before you realize what is happening.  Let yourself into their world with the music video for ‘Tied To The Machine’ below:

Babbles’ music explores the spaces in between; they pause, reflect, laugh, yearn, rage and return to share an enriched vision; open eyed; open mouthed, embracing a renewed and vibrant attitude to life. Taking you upwards and sideways with rhythms and soundscapes, wild guitars and poetic lyrics, Babble constantly search for the divine in their music.

Find out more at:  http://artistecard.com/breadandcircuses


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