We all know that getting to open for a major star in your genre can be a huge boost to your career.  The key is to use that moment in front of another artist’s fanbase to make an impression and turn them on to your music.  One person that has had this opportunity and may be on the verge of breaking out himself is DraMatiQue.


The talented west coast rapper began writing rhymes and performing back in his high school days.  Along the way DraMatiQue (pronounced like the word “dramatic”) has opened for the likes of The Wu Tang Clan, Tha Alkaholiks, Talib Kweli, A+, and Mims.  He has built a nice following and has received some great reviews from top authorities in the hip hop scene such as Urb.com and The Source magazine.  His style fits right along with the radio friendly mainstream but offers a fresh twist to show off his entertaining talents.

Late last year DraMatiQue unleashed his first solo industry project, the Kill The Game Mixtape.  Working with well-known NYC DJ Omega Red has given the record some instant credit and explores the flair of DraMatiQue’s flow.  The production is solid and ready for any mainstream radio show.  His metronome style on the heart wrenching track ‘Neva Let Go’ feels truly genuine.  The use of a melancholy sample by The Fray shows that he is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.  On ‘Afterlife’ he shows off a speedy pop flow that isn’t done successfully too often.  The lyrics drift out and the listener is forced to focus so as not to miss a rhyme.  My favorite track has to be DraMatiQue’s take on the LL Cool J hit ‘I Need Luv’.  He definitely puts his own spin on the old school love anthem declaring it his own.  Throughout the 16 song mixtape there are plenty of other solid rap songs such as ‘Dime A Dozen’ and ‘Swaggeriffic’.

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