There are some great classic bands that have been making music for decades and are still going strong.  Consider Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and U2 have been making music and performing seemingly forever.  But how about a band that has been around for 148 years?  Let us introduce you to New Mongrels.

A 17-year-old veteran of  the civil war, Henry Brooke,  founded the “Smythe County Mongrels Society” in 1861. He stated their purpose as “the joyful promotion, through song and rhythmic utterances, of a unified moral code for all creatures.”  Now his great-great grandson Haynes Brooke has reformed the group under the name The New Mongrels.  The group is an international collective of musicians and artists that operate under an antiquated set of by-laws and occasionally come together to make an album. Membership is by invitation only but is not limited by species affiliation. Four of the members are dogs.  Although this seems quite strange the music is very engaging and entertaining.

Earlier this year New Mongrels released the album Raised Incorruptible.  The 14 track record harkens back to roots americana but has enough modern edge to merge into today’s folk sounds.  The opener “Time” is a sweet sounding song pushed forward by powerful female vocals.  There are many pieces here combining to form an antique and warm sound.  On “Decision Time” the band rocks out a little while still only using acoustic instruments.  The title track “Raised Incorruptible” will seep into your head like a soft serenade and remain there.  Enjoy the video below:

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