The Plan: Provide an Apparatus that Introduces Indie Artists’ Music to Listeners looking for new independent music presented their plan for a new internet startup at the 2010 DEMO Conference in Los Angeles, CA this past weekend.  Immitters’ specialty is music; its platform is the Internet. Immitter proclaims itself as the Internet Music Transmitter. Its mission is to broadcast music from aspiring independent artists to its intended audience — people who value it.

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Immitter operates on the premise that everyone enjoys discovering new music. Many of us are willing to venture beyond the traditional label driven model to listen to music from aspiring artists. We do not, however, have time to sort through current platforms for independent music discovery, namely the millions of profiles on Myspace music,, and tons of other social networking sites. And, even more problematically we don’t always know where to begin when confronted by an overwhelming number of unsigned bands to sort through.

Jermaine Kelly and Andre Nurse, cofounders of Immitter, understand  this very specific problem — they are independent musicians endeavoring to get their music to its intended audience. They founded Immitter in response to meeting listeners who are open to discovering hidden musical gems being overlooked by the major record label model. Though those audiences are open to listening to aspiring musicians, they are not open to spending hours sorting through hundreds of music profile pages on social networking sites to discover them.

The solution is to deliver the music to the audiences. Currently, there is no Pandora like promotion engine that broadcasts music from aspiring independent artists. Musicians hoping to have their content heard must wait for people to stumble upon it. Immitter imagined the possibility of aspiring artists being able to upload their original content onto a transmitter to be broadcasted according to specific parameters, just as Pandora does with music from labels.

The company and website  are still in their infancy, but they may be some potential there.  At Indie band Guru we are always on the lookout for great new music and ways for bands to get their music out to the world. 

Let us know your thoughts about Immitter and its’ potential.

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