Many musicians break into the music industry on the strength of classic songs written by someone else.  It is easier to get attention with songs that have been popular to the masses before but you need to bring it and have the skills to show off.  Our recent discovery Nicole Nelson looks like she has what is needed.

Nicole Nelson

Hailing from the music city of Nashville, Tennessee, Nicole has developed a voice that draws attention whenever it is heard.  She made a habit of putting her own spin on current and past hits that bring back memories of first falling in love with the song.  The art is serious to Nicole Nelson and she attended Belmont University to study Commercial Music to learn as much as possible about the industry.  The breaks have come her way too as Nicole spent time in Los Angeles for a turn on the NBC show The Voice and earned a Video Of The Day mention by Beat100 for her YouTube cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me”.

To show she is even more than just a voice, Nicole Nelson recently released debut EP Howling At The Moon.  As we hear on the opener “Hostage” she can let her voice take center stage with its soulful sound as the chugging guitar keeps pace.  The title track “Howling At The Moon” is a sultry and sexy song that dwells in the shadows ready to attack at any time.  On the ballad “Stronger Hearts” it seems as if the emotion comes right through the speakers to pull you closer to this rising star.  Keep on the lookout for more by Nicole Nelson at:

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