N I K Ø T E N E Take Us To Their ‘Wild World’


Consistency in everything in the fast paced music world nowadays. No longer are fans willing to wait a year or longer for your next record. You need to keep in their minds with fresh sounds. Our friends N I K Ø T E N E are back with another banger to continue their hot 2019. 

Producer duo Chris Scott and Erik Schemonia have hit their stride with a string of hits. Putting in the work with a variety of top talents in the music scene has yielded the experience and skill needed to keep the needle moving. 

The summer saw “Lost With Me” being played at beach parties and dancefloors around the world (and featured on IndieBandGuru). To stay in the limelight N I K Ø T E N E now gives us their next single‘“Wild World”. 

The mellow start lets us ease in with a sultry female vocal and a snap track that quickly builds to a solid bass drop. The beat will get bodies moving and bouncing along. The vocals keep the track grounded and slow down to let us take a breath. Breathe quickly though because the bounce is back to make the sweat drip from the dancefloor. 

Rumor is we may even see more from N I K Ø T E N E by years end. Keep an eye on all the socials at @NikoteneMusic

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