Oaks Above Passion Shines Through in ‘December’

Oaks Above

A passion for music is infectious. When a group of passionate musicians are able to come together to create something, the results can be outstanding. Our recent discovery Oaks Above seem to fit this description and have new music coming for all of us to experience it as well.

The Canadian pop-rock band was formed in Montreal in 2016. Since then the 5 members have been combining thier influences to create something quite fresh sounding yet relatable. Oaks Above is made up of Gabriel Withing: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Olivier Dauphinais: Guitars, Frédéric Rivest: Keyboards and Guitars, Charles Tremblay: Bass, and Marc-Antoine Dauphin: Drums and Percussion. All the members lend their talents to grand backing vocals as well. The passion for music throughout the band is evident immediately. Each member has put in the time to master their instrument and make it work within the band setting.

The latest release from Oaks Above is “December”. The song provides an arena rock vibe while still adding elements not heard in pop music too often. This is big sing-along rock n roll. Gabriel’s voice draws the listener in with his romantic vocal delivery. The band provides a full sonic tapestry filling the speakers with textures for all music lovers to appreciate. The catchy rhythm will remain in your head long after the 4-minute song is complete.

Oaks Above Keeps Delivering

Last year, Oaks Above released their The Way Of Things EP. The 4 track record expands the rock repertoire of the band. Opener “Waterfall” delivers mellow vocals along with an aggressive guitar attack showing true versatility. There is a funk influence on “Open Wide” paired with a taste of progressive rock on “Spark”. There is something here for everyone.

Take a dive into Oaks Above for yourself on their Facebook or Instagram profiles. Hear more music on BandCamp

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