Off Road Minivan Prepare for Debut EP with ‘Spiral Gaze’ Video

Off Road Minivan

Gearing up for their debut EP, Off Road Minivan have released a music video for “Spiral Gaze.” The title track for the EP is packed full of emotion and the rock quintet takes brings it to life in the hard-hitting video.


Finding the perfect blend of capturing the nostalgia of their musical inspirations and creating something no one else is doing, “Spiral Gaze” brings listeners into the new and inviting world of Off Road Minivan with the perfect introduction.


The video for “Spiral Gaze” sets up a perspective of watching everything going on around you. Each couple is seemingly locked in their own world, unaware of what else is going on around them. The world never stops around them either, something’s always happening in the setting.

Seeing the string of a balloon hidden in the hand of each grouping, the popping of the balloon feels like the “spiral gaze” of getting lost in an argument. When it pops, it’s at its worst, most heated point.


Off Road Minivan prepare for debut EP Spiral Gaze


After recently signing to Tooth & Nail Records, Off Road Minivan are ready to unveil their debut EP Spiral Gaze on February 16. The four-track EP packs an emotional punch in a dark Jimmy Eats World meets heavy Snow Patrol style.


“We really wanted to create a collection of songs that not only allowed the audience to hear a powerful final product, but to be immersed in the intimate process that we used to create it,” said drummer Evan Garcia Renart.


The alt-rock band from Red Hook, NY is a result of a decade-long friendship and a passion for ’90s grunge. Collaborating together in building each song, Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, Melvin Brinson, Dave Trimboli, Miles Sweeny, and Renart create a softer rock that still packs a heavy punch.


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