Keeping a fanbase interested and tuned into your music is never easy over the long run.  With the wide variety of music that is released every day now you must be willing to stay in their ears and keep developing your style with subtle changes that keep it fresh and new.  Our friends in Omar Bowing have had a pretty solid run at doing this.

The hard working band from the heart of the independent music scene in Austin, Texas has kept their progressive alternative rock sound going with deeply intellectual songs diving deep into more than music and lyrics but adding sound waves and frequencies that have a way of affecting the listener in a positive way.  

The latest single from Omar Bowing is “Amen”.  It was mixed by Charlie Kramsky and mastered by Jerry Tubb.  The emotional lyrics talk about the perils of living a life of excess.  There is a dark tone that runs throughout the song that gets broken up by an innovative guitar picking solo that resets your ears for the power of the track that is to come.  The harmonies of the chorus combined with the instrumental anger that hits the listener over the head is intense.  Have a listen here:



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