Sometimes a real wake up call is needed to get a person on the right path.  Living life for the ‘right now’ will end up with a bad ending.  When the eventual bad day comes hopefully it causes you to take the time to think and reevaluate your situation.  A good example is our find Royal Smax.

Royal Smax

The rising hip hop star also known as Matthew J Lozada grew up on the south west side of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Like many kids he got caught up with a bad grew and turned to crime.  Maybe it seemed bad at the time when he got caught for robbery and was forced to serve 2 1/2 years in jail, but this may have been just what Royal Smax needed.  During his stint he turned to writing music to pass the time and keep his head straight.  The result was a newfound lust for the music scene and life in general.

We recently got sent some of Royal Smax’s songs to check out and were pleasantly surprised with his direction.  His freestyles show a true grasp of the language with a comic side thrown in to his attacking style.  He shares his personal life on the tracks and opens up to all the listeners.  The most recent track “I Had Me Enough” brings in some R&B vibes into the mix creating a full sound experience.  The beat grinds along with Royal Smax’s personal slowed down style drawing you into each word.  The hook will get deep into your soul.

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